Borislav Dimitrov

Bumble / Badoo

Our main goal was to enhance our users' experience by introducing improved paid plans. We aimed to provide clear information and value explanations for the different plan choices. The focus was on creating a flexible system that could be customised for specific markets or user requirements. This approach was designed to increase revenue by both monetising a larger user base and encouraging upgrades among our top-paying users.
Two Tiers Premium
Badoo stands as the globe's premier dating app, boasting an impressive user base exceeding 386 million registrations. As a member of the design team, I actively contributed to the enhancement of the iOS and Android applications. My responsibilities encompassed the development of novel features, refining existing elements, and playing a pivotal role in the overall evolution of the product.
iOS & Android Apps
2017 - 2019
I was also extensively involved in the development of numerous web features. One notable instance includes a comprehensive redesign of a landing page, a project I personally spearheaded. The task at hand was to refine Badoo's value proposition and enhance the page's conversion rate.
Web Rethink
2017 - 2018
A substantial portion of the assignments at Badoo revolved around improving our internal tools and systems. I had the privilege of reimagining the ways in which we interacted with and navigated through our Meeting Room System.
Meeting Rooms Booking System